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Our bodies are beautiful, resilient, strong, and efficient. When we live in harmony with the laws of nature our bodies allow us to do amazing things. Rolfing sessions balance and align your body, so you can keep doing the things you love to do.

What people are saying:

...I can honestly say, that I no longer have any shoulder problems, which had been bothering me for 3 years before I saw you...
...I was in chronic pain for 2 years with radiating stabbing pain that originated in my mid back. Through Trevor's intuitive touch I can say with a heart full of love and gratitude that he has healed me and in his words, I healed myself...
...Within two sessions he was able to help me solve the problem that was creating tremendous tension in my neck and shoulders when I worked...
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Trevor Paque, Certified Rolfer

Trevor specializes in helping people to feel more comfortable in their bodies. 


Are you ready to feel more comfortable in your body?